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About me

Bobi O'Rourke

My work is to reach you, to enthuse you and understand your present position. As much as there is diversity in humankind, there is complexity in life and all its many facets. I am here to help you see your way forwards in all its unique elements and explore with you the best approach of therapy to take you into the space of clarity, peace and presence of mind and the focus of direction, which is the way forwards that you most need to go in.

EXPLORE this site and see which resonates with you in your own circumstances. What are your goals? Aspirations? dreams?

My mission is to provide a space and trust for you to understand yourself, develop your awareness and find the resolve to your current issues, taking away with you an experience and understanding of the bigger picture, a holistic awareness and a direction of focus, motivated to use your potential.

BELIEVING in you and your dreams and how this mirrors energy with the abundant universal energy. Trust in this process, it is all possible.

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Mission statement

Great to have you here at my coaching and energy healing website. I am here to help you with different areas of your life and self-development.

What I ask of you….is the willingness to really want to make changes to your life, in a way to better develop yourself and your life to a level you truly aspire to reach. Are there areas in which you struggle or feel stuck? Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Do you find it difficult to communicate and express yourself to others? Are you experiencing overwhelming feelings from too many directions and demands made on you? Outside influences can easily drain, suppress and de-motivate us. My skills, knowledge and coaching can help you take charge of your life by achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams, whilst looking after your wellbeing and learning to keep it healthy.

Where I come in to this is, once you meet me half way, which you have already started to do by finding me here and reading this, you then make that choice to bring your intentions and set of goals to me. I will listen to you, to ascertain the areas in which you most greatly need to improve and work on. I will narrow this down to firstly focus within the mind and the emotions, the two areas that most greatly influence our individual energy state and direction. Put simply we are enhancing the positives and working to empty and clear the negatives. We can work together to recognise and value how much more you can achieve in life. In periods of self-doubt, those areas can easily become blurred.

Healing works as a perfect partner to the coaching, bringing the initial energy source to do the clearing out of your energy system. This is made up of working holistically with your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Day to day, our energy systems can easily get blocked or weakened and it is through this specialist therapy that we can rebalance and restore our bodies natural energy levels. Healing has the power to help shift any negativity that our body is holding on too for whatever reason.

As part of our journey together, we will use the most effective approach, whether through a single source of therapy or a combination of many. This is purely my introduction and where I catch your attention. I now invite you to explore the rest of my website and look forward to working with you in the future.

Boosh the holistic coach

Your emotion

Emotions run through the human body like a stream, evoking feelings that may differ in the extreme.

Positive, beautiful feelings such as joy, laughter, love, happiness and excitement warmly light us up and serve to encourage more positivity.

Where as on the opposite side of the scale there are emotions that come forth through adverse and challenging experiences - anger, fear, jealousy, sadness, depression, despair. These are just a few of the emotions that can deplete energy and lower self-esteem.

Learning how to deal with these types of emotion and the triggers that cause them, help us to become better equipped and prepared to overcome challenging emotions sooner and for resolving any inner conflict.

Emotions Coaching

Our emotions come and go and change in a constant flux

Freely moving emotion is fluid and healthy, constantly continuing as we go along.

When we go through deeper experiences that cause us to feel unhappy, sad or heartbroken, some of the emotions can become stuck in the system causing blockages which need to be released through the body. Moving this energy will bring a shift to allow the healthy emotion space to flow again.

To release the blocks and feelings attached to them, I work with you talking about the cause, along with energy healing and further coaching.

Energy Treatments

A range of energy enhancing and energy restoring treatments have been created to allow balance back in and to top up your energy levels.

Enhancing Energy - is to release the stress then uplift the mood and enhance a higher vibration

Restoring Energy - slowing the body and mind down to reach a deeper state of relaxation and breathing, freeing any negative stale energy to realign the chakra system and recharge you.

LGBTQI support and mentoring

I offer a confidential and supportive space and a compassionate listening ear, for you to talk, candidly and openly about any areas in your life, in which you feel to talk through, I reassure you that I have my experience in this field to totally empathise and understand.

I am dedicated and passionate in my energy and intentions to help you through your concerns or questioning and will work with you, to bring positivity and peace of mind, to resolve any difficulties and issues that you may be facing.

Should you want to talk/discuss more in depth about any areas important to you in your life I can listen and mentor you in helping you see a more positive way forwards.

Peace of mind is so important which comes through being true to yourself.

Some of the specific areas I can help you with are as follows:

Questioning gender and or sexuality
Gender spectrum, dimensions of gender
Gender diversity
Gender fluid
Non binary
Sexuality and LGBTQI
Health and body image
Self esteem and empowerment
Mental and emotional wellbeing

We can work on removing any barriers and thereby release any negative energy.

Sexuality (at heart)

Your sexuality is a healthy and natural part of your whole identity. What you feel are your own personal feelings and with whom you feel attracted to. Each of us experiences this part of our lives in our own unique way.

Throughout life we can have many varying attractions and this is natural to explore these feelings. It is better not to label yourself unless this feels right for you. What’s most important is how you feel and identify to yourself. Everyone is entirely different and this is understood much more today.

Some of us feel very clear with their sexuality, others may have confusion. As a coach I will support you in moving through this, exploring thoughts and the experiences that you have had to come to a better understanding.

Sexuality is intrinsically linked to your hearts, emotional energy center. The energy from your heart is authentic energy and links together with every part that makes you whole. Being true to yourself is so important as it is the love within that is pure and so deserves respect and self expression.

How I can help you is to coach and encourage you in how important it is to be true to yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Sometimes at some stage in life you may have suppressed your feelings including your sexuality this could have been for many reasons - the environment at the time, conditioning, peer pressure, religious beliefs, negative influences from other people. Suppressing your emotions and feelings lead to confusion and ill-health, especially if energy is being used to mask your true feelings, in this case we become less of ourselves instead of thriving naturally and being happy within ourselves.

We all need to know how important it is, at any age to be true to ourselves, at all times so we can attain the happiness we truly deserve.

Relationships coaching

We all experience challenging times and may have to go through many issues brought up during relationships. Communication may be misunderstood and then disagreements arise making it harder to reach a better understanding.

During a coaching session you can feel free to express your feelings and thoughts, while knowing you will not be judged and that all matters are confidential.

This time is aimed at giving yourself the chance to air your pent up energy to help you see a way forward, clearer in your perspective aiding you in all your decisions.

Dealing with depression

There are many forms of depression, also varying in different degrees.

We do not always know why we become depressed, one day waking up to find we do not have the energy, our body feeling totally depleted, often this is our body telling us that something needs changing in our lives.

It could be that the reason for depression is that you are going through a more major life change or transition. Whichever is the reason for depression, it is important that you know that there is support and light at the end of the tunnel.

There are many areas that I can support you in. After discussions with you I will bring together a plan which includes a talking therapy - understanding depression - energy treatment to give you an energy lift and to help change the pattern that you are in, along with health and exercise advice and to mentor gradual changes into your daily routine.


Are you having trouble forgiving someone or yourself for something you may feel weighs heavily on your shoulders and occupying a part of your mind? To stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) or yourself for an offence, flaw, or mistake you believe burdens you. There is freedom from this burden in accepting and forgiving.

To understand and to love fully and openly we must learn to forgive in our lives, it can be forgiving oneself or another person, as we all make our own mistakes, by learning this we learn how to make things better and we can go on healthier no longer stuck. Dropping all thoughts of blame will heal you from the past, as you may see the reason in blaming but it will not allow you past the experience, forgiveness does. What has been has past! Allow yourself to move past this as its only negative to keep hold of it, there is no purpose. Guilt is a feeling coming from committing wrong or having failed an obligation? Don’t allow guilt to fester, acknowledge your feelings and then set about making it better, whether this is to correct something, apologize to someone, or to let go of a past mistake, these are all positive intentions to liberate you from previous mistakes that you can learn and move on from.

Grief and Loss

During times of bereavement or loss of any kind we go through many differing emotions, sometimes only feeling numb or heavy hearted. The process of grief can make everyday life feel so much harder to cope with.

As a compassionate coach I will listen, support and help steer you through this turbulent time, reassuring you that it is okay to go at the pace you feel able to.

It is important to vent your emotions and discuss any issues or thoughts that you are struggling with - this could also be in the loss of a job or redundancy, the breakdown of a relationship or divorce, or any other loss.

Holistic Coaching

In holistic coaching we look at and deal with the whole person (you), not just a part.

If you are feeling an imbalance in any way within yourself, holistic coaching can help you to improve your awareness.

In creating new ways, by implementing techniques to increase your energy levels, whether this is to calm and balance you for better focus or to motivate you in improving your overall wellbeing.

Emotional Energy Healing

Working as a singular treatment or together with coaching, this is intended to relax the body and mind to release negative and blocked emotion from the body.

Cleansing away stagnant energy allows the body and mind a release, which in turn creates the positive flow of emotion to return, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and much more relaxed.

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