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Bobi O'Rourke

My work is to reach you, to enthuse you and understand your present position. As much as there is diversity in humankind, there is complexity in life and all its many facets. I am here to help you see your way forwards in all its unique elements and explore with you the best approach of therapy to take you into the space of clarity, peace and presence of mind and the focus of direction, which is the way forwards that you most need to go in.

EXPLORE this site and see which resonates with you in your own circumstances. What are your goals? Aspirations? dreams?

My mission is to provide a space and trust for you to understand yourself, develop your awareness and find the resolve to your current issues, taking away with you an experience and understanding of the bigger picture, a holistic awareness and a direction of focus, motivated to use your potential.

BELIEVING in you and your dreams and how this mirrors energy with the abundant universal energy. Trust in this process, it is all possible.

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Mission statement

Great to have you here at my coaching and energy healing website. I am here to help you with different areas of your life and self-development.

What I ask of you….is the willingness to really want to make changes to your life, in a way to better develop yourself and your life to a level you truly aspire to reach. Are there areas in which you struggle or feel stuck? Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Do you find it difficult to communicate and express yourself to others? Are you experiencing overwhelming feelings from too many directions and demands made on you? Outside influences can easily drain, suppress and de-motivate us. My skills, knowledge and coaching can help you take charge of your life by achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams, whilst looking after your wellbeing and learning to keep it healthy.

Where I come in to this is, once you meet me half way, which you have already started to do by finding me here and reading this, you then make that choice to bring your intentions and set of goals to me. I will listen to you, to ascertain the areas in which you most greatly need to improve and work on. I will narrow this down to firstly focus within the mind and the emotions, the two areas that most greatly influence our individual energy state and direction. Put simply we are enhancing the positives and working to empty and clear the negatives. We can work together to recognise and value how much more you can achieve in life. In periods of self-doubt, those areas can easily become blurred.

Healing works as a perfect partner to the coaching, bringing the initial energy source to do the clearing out of your energy system. This is made up of working holistically with your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Day to day, our energy systems can easily get blocked or weakened and it is through this specialist therapy that we can rebalance and restore our bodies natural energy levels. Healing has the power to help shift any negativity that our body is holding on too for whatever reason.

As part of our journey together, we will use the most effective approach, whether through a single source of therapy or a combination of many. This is purely my introduction and where I catch your attention. I now invite you to explore the rest of my website and look forward to working with you in the future.

Boosh the holistic coach

Your mind

The mind is a complex phenomenon which is always processing stimuli from the external outer world as well as the internal world and inner dialogue which can influence us in many different ways.

A key is to harness the mind to create balance and to become more self-aware.

Developing inner strength and by taking some time to cultivate healthy exercises, such as breathing deeper and slower when feeling stressed or overworked, doing mindfulness practice to clear and sharpen the mind and to develop meditation through regular relaxation. This will not only give your mind healthy breaks but will also raise your energy levels.

In today's very busy world we all need more than ever to take care of our own mental health, as much as making the most of our time being creative and productive.

NLP Life coaching

Within this coaching we explore the areas in your life that you are needing to talk through for advice and mentoring. NLP covers all main life areas and is a talking therapy, exploring ways to positively change emotional and psychological patterns that are causing you difficulty in moving past and achieving your goals and potential.

Seeing the issues around this from a different perspective and from thinking differently in the approach to working out the way forwards by resolving what is needed to be altered and changed. If we keep doing things with the same mind set or in the same ways then how can things change?

It is by changing the way we think and our patterns, habits, expectations that we will then bring positive new avenues.

Specific coaching

This can still come under the umbrella of NLP and just to clarify is a Talking Therapy, concentrating on new perspectives, the purpose of bringing it into a specific category is to highlight that a very specific aspect of your life maybe needing a new approach. So this can mean that we purely focus on this area that you bring to me and we will work out the best way forwards. Some examples - Career choices - Health - Overcoming limitations - Talents and self belief - Love and relationships. Get in touch to let me know that specific area you need to discuss.

Anxiety and GAD

Anxiety can start with the feeling of apprehension towards an event or situation, this is a common form of anxiety which we all experience from time to time, anticipating how we may feel.

When Anxiety becomes part of your everyday life and the affects of this are causing you to feel unable to live your daily life naturally, then these feelings and thoughts associated with anxiety need to be addressed and treated. Some of the symptoms you may experience are – over thinking, continually worrying, negative thinking, nausea, muscle tension, headaches, sweating, difficulty sleeping and panic attacks.

GAD is a General Anxiety Disorder, this is when there are several areas of your life causing you to feel anxious. Social Anxiety is mostly when Anxiety is felt before or during social situations and while meeting or talking with other people. Each of these forms of anxiety can be treated to help you to understand why you are experiencing Anxiety and to enable you to alleviate the symptoms.

This is when it important to seek help to work at combating these feelings and thoughts. Each person will have their own triggers that cause anxiety, which we will uncover and establish together, finding ways to deal with the stresses in your life. Calming down the mind with relaxation techniques, including mindfulness, energy treatments that help with relaxation which will bring new energy into your system to restore balance back within.

Assertiveness building

Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights - expressing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways, by being assertive we should always respect the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of other peoples as well as our own. Assertiveness enables us to express feelings, wants, wishes and desires and is an important personal and inter-personal skill. Assertiveness means encouraging others to be open and honest about their views, wishes and feelings, so that both parties act appropriately. If you feel you need to work on asserting yourself and or help others to do so, I can offer you mentoring sessions to encourage the understanding and gain confidence to be assertive.


Building confidence with-in yourself and in the areas you believe in will help you gain greater positivity in achieving what you desire. Through self confidence in knowing your abilities, you can become more resilient to changes, taking opportunities when you see them and creating your own. You are capable of creating so much more, once you become confident in your own capabilities and begin to take positive action, you will learn to overcome any obstacle. If you feel held back by a feeling of shyness we can work at ways to conquer self-consciousness whilst building confidence and self belief.

Effective communication

Communication coaching is created to help and inspire you to communicate more effectively.

The actual words we choose to use, make a difference to how we come across and how we are heard by another person. Adjusting words and how we say them can better project the way we want to come across.

Communication can really be seen as an art form to convey and express ourselves to others, whether this is within a close relationship, or within the more general areas of your life, including work, business, confidential matters. Working on this and making it count, all in the name of self-expression and self- improvement will enable you to enhance the affects you then have in communicating positively.

In asserting yourself, becoming more aware, building confidence, overcoming feelings of self-doubt. On occasions you may have unwittingly put obstacles up in front of you blocking the mind and hesitating. We can remove these barriers for expression to articulate yourself more easily and freely, removing blocks so energy no longer becomes pent up with thoughts being left unsaid, instead being confident in yourself.

Being aware of how we are communicating in our everyday life makes a difference, projecting the right positive energy where possible.

This type of coaching is suited for those who are wanting to express themselves more clearly and improve on their self-confidence.

Self-awareness - for positive communication helps strengthen your connection with others and improves your success rate to achieve your goals.

Overcoming fear

Fear primarily when healthy is the vital response to physical and emotional danger. It is primal - if we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats. But often we fear situations that are far from life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason. By not giving ourselves the self-confidence we will not know what we could achieve. Traumas or bad experiences can trigger a fear response within us that is hard to quell. Yet by exposing ourselves to our personal fears or demons is the best way to move past them. Choose to overcome these fear based limitations. Recommending Energy Treatment for the healing of emotional and psychological trauma.

Stress management

What is it that is your main cause of stress? what triggers your stress levels in your current everyday life? Is there something that you can pinpoint this to, or do you need to discuss this to get advice on the cause and the ways of releasing stress and learning to deal with stressful situations better when they arise. I can help you to manage any stresses in your life by firstly identifying the cause and then by working with you to bring in positive changes to your lifestyle and your frame of mind. Introducing techniques and exercises to help you release stress and respond effectively.

Meditation and mindfulness

Living life is often a demanding experience - multi-tasking is the norm and this sometimes leaves no space for ourselves.

This is possible as we only need 10-15 minutes to meditate and the benefits of doing so increase your wellbeing considerably.

Helping you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance, meditation can also help us to understand our own minds. We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.

Mindfullness can be used at any time, when we are over-reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around us.

Whenever you bring awareness to what you are directly experiencing via your senses or your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions you are being mindful.


Giving time to yourself during your hectic busy days can improve your energy levels, state of mind and increase productivity.

Most of the time we are not concious of how we are breathing and the benefits of regulating and breathing deeper and more slowly.

Just by taking a few moments, at any time to Inhale deeper and Exhale slower can provide your body and mind with a feeling of relaxation.

By doing these simple exercises you will become much more aware of the natural benefits. Helping to keep you more balanced and focused mentally and physically.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aims to help you to deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking down the problems in to smaller parts.

Changing negative patterns to improve the way you feel. Differing from other talking treatments, CBT deals with your current problems rather than on issues from your past, looking for practical and structured ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis.

This is a therapy that includes using excercises outside of the therapy session, including writing down your thoughts in a diary or journal.

Focused intentions

During this mentoring session which is aimed at refocusing your thoughts positively, I will coach you in encouraging your self-belief and willpower to help you reach your goals.

I understand how it can be easy to lose touch with your dreams and goals, especially as life can just get in the way.

Do keep going and remember that it is always possible to move closer to your goal by reconnection, using your energy and visualisation towards the outcome you desire.

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