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Bobi O'Rourke

My work is to reach you, to enthuse you and understand your present position. As much as there is diversity in humankind, there is complexity in life and all its many facets. I am here to help you see your way forwards in all its unique elements and explore with you the best approach of therapy to take you into the space of clarity, peace and presence of mind and the focus of direction, which is the way forwards that you most need to go in.

EXPLORE this site and see which resonates with you in your own circumstances. What are your goals? Aspirations? dreams?

My mission is to provide a space and trust for you to understand yourself, develop your awareness and find the resolve to your current issues, taking away with you an experience and understanding of the bigger picture, a holistic awareness and a direction of focus, motivated to use your potential.

BELIEVING in you and your dreams and how this mirrors energy with the abundant universal energy. Trust in this process, it is all possible.

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Mission statement

Great to have you here at my coaching and energy healing website. I am here to help you with different areas of your life and self-development.

What I ask of you….is the willingness to really want to make changes to your life, in a way to better develop yourself and your life to a level you truly aspire to reach. Are there areas in which you struggle or feel stuck? Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm? Do you find it difficult to communicate and express yourself to others? Are you experiencing overwhelming feelings from too many directions and demands made on you? Outside influences can easily drain, suppress and de-motivate us. My skills, knowledge and coaching can help you take charge of your life by achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams, whilst looking after your wellbeing and learning to keep it healthy.

Where I come in to this is, once you meet me half way, which you have already started to do by finding me here and reading this, you then make that choice to bring your intentions and set of goals to me. I will listen to you, to ascertain the areas in which you most greatly need to improve and work on. I will narrow this down to firstly focus within the mind and the emotions, the two areas that most greatly influence our individual energy state and direction. Put simply we are enhancing the positives and working to empty and clear the negatives. We can work together to recognise and value how much more you can achieve in life. In periods of self-doubt, those areas can easily become blurred.

Healing works as a perfect partner to the coaching, bringing the initial energy source to do the clearing out of your energy system. This is made up of working holistically with your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Day to day, our energy systems can easily get blocked or weakened and it is through this specialist therapy that we can rebalance and restore our bodies natural energy levels. Healing has the power to help shift any negativity that our body is holding on too for whatever reason.

As part of our journey together, we will use the most effective approach, whether through a single source of therapy or a combination of many. This is purely my introduction and where I catch your attention. I now invite you to explore the rest of my website and look forward to working with you in the future.

Boosh the holistic coach

Your spirit

Spirit - being the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of the emotions and character of the soul.

Your spirit has endless potential, larger than life capacity and is extremely resilient.

Our spirit can overcome life's most difficult challenges, surpassing human expectation.

It is true to say that it is by going through the toughest of times that our soul grows and we learn just what the spirit is made of.

The spirit is our life force, vital and stronger than you'd ever know.

Open up and devleop your potential - enter into the 'spirit'.

Spiritual coaching

The role of the spiritual coach is to help others find their 'inner light', their own higher wisdom.

Developing your inner energy and to heal any old wounds so that you can feel and see a better, brighter future.

You could be feeling stuck and feel a deep need to open up but feel apprehensive to do so with a friend or family member. Barriers do not exist between the spiritual life coach and their clients, as such clients are encouraged to open up how they feel deep down inside and make room for healing and growth.

All the while knowing that you are safe under the supervision of a coach who respects your privacy with confidentiality.

Intuitive Coaching

This type of coaching helps you access your intuition - this holds many of the roles a traditional life coach uses but guides in a different way. Rather than focusing on secular elements of life, such as setting goals, habits and skills, this coaching integrates spiritual principals as well.

By going deeper into the source of a problem or challenge, connecting with the intuitive part of yourself, makes you realise who you are in your core as a person, as a spiritual being as well as a human being, which further leads to discovery of your true purpose in life. Questions of ‘Why am I here and what do I want to become in my lifetime, what do I want to create?

Everything around us is energy therefore means that we as human beings are vibrating energy too, but on different frequencies, depending on the emotions that we are feeling.

Intuitive coaching makes you more aware of your own energy fields and works with you on shifting your emotional states to bring back into alignment with the “source energy” unlimited and unconditional love which in turn creates harmony in your life.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing reaches the soul and touches the most restricted energy blocks, to release what has kept you bound and stuck to particular experiences.

Emotional and psychological pain that can be released to experience life after such heartache or disappointment. We are all made up of much stronger stuff, once given the vent and outlet we shine through any experiences as they were once already lived and not to be held inside.

The healing energy is the catalyst and soothes the emotions and mind, shifting the emotion from the past, cleansing the energy field and the mind. Once this has taken place we do not need to remain scarred but to grow stronger from all our experiences and become much more awakened to our huge inner potential and strength that can always be drawn upon.

Chakra Healing/balancing

There are seven major chakras which are the main focus for this energy cleansing. Throughout the body there are many other smaller chakras.

The seven energy wheels serve as a highway through which cosmic universal energy travels, found in the etheric body and directly relates to a location within the physical body. Each chakra corresponds with a part of the body and organs, every one of them having an identifying colour.

These specific wheels of light can become affected by both mental and emotional stimuli, clogging up the motion and even closing them off from vibrant energy. The process of chakra healing is to gently open them, then release all blockages which are having a negative effect, allowing cleansing to take place. This balances the alignment, bringing back the healthy vibrancy of energy to the body, mind and soul.

Holistic Development

An holistic way of thinking tries to encompass and integrate multiple layers of meaning and experience rather than defining human possibilites narrowly.

Embracing all parts of the whole self, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and social, creating an holistic lifestyle that encompasses your daily life enabling you to feel more balanced and aware of your wellbeing.

Overcoming Trauma

Do you feel affected by a past trauma? Ready to leave the past behind but feel stuck?

I can help you move forwards from this feeling by using healing energy treatment and combining it with a talking therapy.

Emotionally releasing old energy from your body through healing and working with you to change your thoughts since the traumatic event, the aim is for you to see a new perspective to your life, accepting the past and detaching from any emotional trauma to live life fully in the present.

Bereavement Support

Once our loved ones pass away we are left to go thorugh an emotionally grieving process. During this time we will experience extremes of emotion.

We struggle to come to terms with the loss and can feel deep sadness over a long period of time. The impact of this is such that everyday life can be very difficult to cope with.

So it is important that you can turn to others for support. Sometimes those people who are closest to you are also too emotionally involved, which can make it harder to express all of your feelings and thoughts to.

This is where the breavement support comes in providing a quiet space and a depth of understanding. In the time spent with me you can feel safe and free to share your feelings and thoughts and know that you will be supported.

If you feel the need to discuss your beliefs and have questions, please feel reassured that I will welcome this.

Souls path

Do you search for more meaning in your life? Do you wish to know more about the inner you? Do you yearn to be more than you are but do not know how to proceed?

Within a Souls Path session, we discuss and explore your thoughts and feelings to discover more about your souls path. To learn to recognise what it is that you aspire to do, and who it is that you want to become.

Often our path includes stages, and sometimes having to bring one stage to completion before progressing to the next.

If you feel you are at a ‘cross roads’ in your life and wish to create a life more in alignment with your true self and would like to explore your ideas, thoughts and feelings around this, to find a new authentic approach forwards - this is a great starting point.


Inspirational gems, crystals are beautiful natural solids made from minerals, found in the earth’s surface.

There are many different shapes, colours and sizes of crystal. Mystical, magical and scientific, each type having its unique properties and strengths. The specific energy that emits from a crystal can also draw energies from the atmosphere and from the energetic field of a person, for example, Clear Quartz – re-energizes in all situations and channels energy and helps with all healing.

I keep crystals around me and often use them with my energy healing work. Recommending crystals to all who are interested, there will be opportunity to buy them at the practise in the future.

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